Here is how you start

1. Go to PKL Software. Click the 'LOG IN' hyperlink at the top of the page. Click the hyperlink for the practice set you want.
2. Click the Purchase button and complete the purchase process online through PayPal. You do not need to sign-up/register with PayPal. Use a Credit Card and receive a Registration Code without delay. Other payment forms such as a debit card or E-check can take up to 5 business days to clear (this is a PayPal rule).
3. You will receive two Emails, one from PayPal containing a receipt number, the subject line will read “Receipt for your Payment to PKL Software” The second Email from PKL Software contains a 12 digit Registration Code. This e-mail has “Your PKL Software Order” in the subject line.
4. Return to the Log In web page and click on the Register button. Read the License agreement and click the Accept button. On the next page, enter the 12 digit Registration Code and fill in the remaining items. If your Professor gives you a Course Code, enter it. If no Course Code, leave that field blank. Click the Submit button. You are now a registered user.
5. Return to the Log In web page. Click the Download Student Manual button. Click on the PDF icon of the manual you want to download, probably the top most one. When the manual has opened, click the print button and print the manual.
6. Return to the Log In web page. Enter your User ID and the password you have chosen. Click the Log In button. You are now ready to use your practice set.
7. Follow the directions outlined in the Student Manual you downloaded.
If you have a Pop-up blocker operating on your device, allow Pop-ups from PKL Software.