Problems and Resolutions

Printing Problems
Disabling Pop-up Blockers allows you to print documents in any PKL Software program without complications caused by the Pop-up Blockers.  Follow the link to learn more.

Problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader freezing when opening a PDF file.
Problem:  Adobe Acrobat Reader freezes when attempting to opening or view a PDF file.  An older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader might be causing this problem.
Resolution:  Download and install the new version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 8.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download only takes a few minutes to install.

Problems opening or downloading a PDF file
Problem:  The user can not open or download a PDF file while using Microsoft Internet Explorer.  When clicking on the PDF icon, a new window briefly flashes on the computer screen and then disappears.
1. Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2. In the "Tools" drop down menu, click on "Internet Option".
3. Click the "Security" tab and click on the "Custom Level" button under "Security level for this zone".
4. Scroll down the menu and find "Downloads: Automatic prompting for file downloads" title.
5. Select the "Enable" option under "Automatic prompting for file downloads".
6. Click on the "OK" buttons to close the open windows.

Script Error" reported when attempting to print using a Microsoft Windows operating system
Problem:  The error reported when attempting to print can be caused an anti spy ware program installed on the computer.  The computer registry may need to be updated to allow printing while using this web site.  To update the computer registry, perform the following directions.
1. Click on "Start" and open the "Command Prompt" in the "All Programs" menu under the "Accessories" submenu.
2. Enter the following at the end of the "C:\" or command prompt like the example below.  Another drive letter might be used instead of "C".
Example:  C:\regsvr32 i epeers.dll
1. Then click OK when the dialogue box appears to confirm the file's been registered.