Thanks for the VERY prompt response - you guys are excellent in the customer service department - yes, this package works well for both me and the other instructors as well as the students. Deleware Community College
When I was signing up for the Work4Me software I made an error on the information form. When I emailed tech support they were very understanding and fixed the problem within a few hours of my email.
Student - Matthew

I have used your CD sets in my classes for several semesters, and the new web-based version is just great. The hands on experience plus the required questions really gives them a real-world experience that is not found in their other class assignments. Professor W – A Texas University
I find it useful and practical using the practice set, especially because I am planning to major in Accounting and I am liking it. College Student – George Mason University
Thanks you your quick reply! By the way, I have had very positive feedback from my students regarding your program. Professor – Ozarks Technical and Community College
I have a class working with Ramblewood right now and we are very, very impressed by the versatility of the program which allows the user to get out of problems. Example: ability to move a completed job back into an in-process status in order to correct a labor hour input. Impressed that you can remove the original labor hour input and have MOH "fix" at the same time......then enter correctly, and move the job along into completed. Very slick indeed. (We'll see if the students can come up with something so creative as to stump the software. Goodness knows they seem to try just about everything!). Thanks for the program and the assistance. Both are appreciated. Professor – Illinois Community College
I have been using your new Accounting Coach problems in my Financial Class and they are great! What a great way to check on Homework. Professor – Sierra College
After looking at your Thunder Mountain practice set, I have to admit, this software is close to what we use here at our office. I have been demonstrating it to my class on my laptop just trying to show them what they will be working with in the future. I am really looking forward to taking a look at the Granite Bay Jet Ski software. Adjunct Professor – A Virginia College
I am excited about these products as they are the future of teaching in accounting! Professor – North Carolina Community College
Thank you for your quick response. Also, thank you for taking the time to write a kind and thoughtful email. It really makes a difference to have a good support system with a software product. Professor – Virginia College
I got my problem taken care of. Thank you for your quick response. Thank you for the information. This is the last semester we are using the CD-based version, and my plan is to go with your web-based version for the spring. Your new practice set is very easy to use and the price is a real bargain for the students! Professor – Maryland University
Thank you for helping Ms. ______, she is a good student and just clicked on the wrong program. Your support has been outstanding. Professor – Texas A & M
That's good news on the possible availability of Ramblewood Manufacturing in a few weeks. I'll be a user of Ramblewood in the spring quarter as well as Gold Run! Thanks again. Professor – Principia College
Thanks a lot for all your help. You hit the nail on the head with this one. The spiraling cost of materials is just ridiculous. I estimate your software can save students at our campus alone about $25,000 total every semester. Professor CPA – North Virginia Community College
So far I feel your software is exactly what I am looking for with the course I am using it in. Professor, CPA – Texas Community College
The new version of Granite Bay Jet Ski is even better than the old version. My students liked working the sets very much and I will be using it again next semester. Professor, CPA – California Community College
I used a practice set in the community college I attended and found that they were a more difficult version of the set here at the University. Working these sets has been a very valuable experience and has given me some real insights into how accounting works and how to use the information that it gives me. Community College and University Student California
Any Accounting Professor who sees how your Work4Me Problems and Practice Sets work will definitely want to use them in their classes. Professor – Georgia University
So far all is going well. Your software is filling the need I was looking for. I am getting positive feedback from my students. The software is easy to maneuver around, and it is a good review of the subject manner that I am presenting. Professor G. – A Virginia University
These practice sets are terrific products and I always feel the students gain much from their exposure to them. Regards Professor – Principia College
I actually talked to my professor about how much better my comprehension was with the online software. The problems and then the questions (Work4Me) really give me a better understanding of how accounting works. W.K. – Student Ozarks Technical College
I want to use the Ramblewood Manufacturing Inc. in my Managerial Accounting course. I already used the Granite Bay Jet Ski in Intermediate Accounting and I am using the Granite Bay Jet Ski II in Intermediate II. I really like this software. Thanks Professor – University of Mary-Harden Baylor
Granite Bay Jet Ski II is one of the best resources I have ever used for my Financial Accounting course. Professor Statement
Thank you for the WebEx demonstration. It was great! I look forward to using the practice set. Professor – Kentucky College
Thank you so much for taking the time to clarify my question and confusion. Student Statement
This practice set has really helped me understand how all of the parts of accounting fit together. Student Statement
I really like the various practice sets. AND, I really like the Accounting Coach problems. Professor Statement
I have used your old CD products for quite some time but the new practice sets, especially the mini-sets are great! Professor Statement
It will be good to get back into the practice set seems that things sort of come together for the students when they are up to their elbows in the sets! Professor Statement