Getting Started With Thunder Mountain Snowmobile

Here is how you start:
  1. Print this page right now! (click the "Print" button).
  2. Return to the "Log In" web page.
  3. Purchase the rights to use this software via the Internet by using the "Purchase" hyperlink on the right side of the web page or purchase from your  bookstore. If you purchase from the bookstore, you will find a 12 digit Registration code inside your packet. If you purchase via the Internet, you will receive a confirming email message with the 12 digit Registration code in the body of the message.
  4. Click the "Register" hyperlink on the "Log In" web page. Read the License Agreement that now shows and click the "Accept" button. Fill in the items requested (your name, password, Registration code, and so on). If your Instructor/Professor gives you a Course Code, enter it as well. Click the "Submit" button. You are now a registered user of Thunder Mountain Snowmobile.
  5. Return to the "Log In" web page. Click the Download Student Manual hyperlink. Select and print a copy of the Thunder Mountain Snowmobile Student Manual.
  6. Return to the "Log In" web page. Enter your User ID and the password you have chosen.
  7. Click the "Log In" button and you are ready to use Thunder Mountain Snowmobile.
  8. NOTE: Remember to disable any Pop-up Blocker installed on your computer. Disabling Pop-up Blockers allows you to print documents in any PKL Software program without complications caused by the Pop-up Blockers.

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